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First Day On the Ship

Started by Jim911, May 06, 2016, 11:24:39 AM

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On my first day on the Rciketts in Air Aft FTM 1 Don Comar told me to make the coffee.  He told me where to get the water in the midships passage way. So with coffee pot in hand I climbed down the outside ladder for Air Aft and made my way to the mid ships passage way tp the to the slop sink to get the water I turned on the cold water careful on to spill any as directed. After filling the coffee pot made my way back to the ladder and up to Air Aft with ourt spilling any water.  In the radar room I made the coffee. FTM 1 Comar sat in front of the Number 2 radar waiting for the red light on the coffee pot to come on with his coffee cup in hand.  As soon as the red light came on he filled his cup with the freshly brewed coffee and took a big swig and promptly spit it back into his cup and said you used salt water.  He had neglected to tell me that the cold water spioket was salt water. He hold me to try again and get the fresh water this time. So back I went only this time I had to carry a coffee pot with hot water in back down the ladder to the mid shps passage way. This happened in March of 1967. :)