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For Various/Boring Reasons Can't Make the Reunion, But...

Started by jpwillisnitz, May 01, 2012, 06:56:42 PM

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There are some familiar names I would've liked to put faces to, like TJ Connors, who picked me up at the brig after I tried to short cycle an Italian's breathing, Ketteringham who I can't put a face to but the name rings alarm bells, Miller was another junior BM from 1st Div, "V" "J" who helped us defeat the Japs (I guess), Slack who did awful things to our missile battery and Zukowski (think they spelled it wrong on the Exel sheet I'm looking at) didn't we make a few memorable bus rides to NYC?
I'll be thinking of you guys this weekend but the nays overwhelmed the yays (It's an old fat guy thing, more mental than physical, but the upshot is travel is not a viable concept.) and I'm here at home for the duration.
Seems to me that the DDG-2 scenario is a worthy cause and I did go by the web site and made a donation.
You guys enjoy the weekend and remember that good sea stories NEVER begin with "Once upon a time".


I'm talking to myself again; checked my profile and apparently there is no real name indicator as to who I actually am, mystery man is no name for a man my age so herewith a few identifying particulars:
Name: John Wofford
Aboard: 63-67
Rank on departure: BM3 (BM2 coming, but that's another story)
After CVR: One final hitch in the Navy (Vietnam; Incountry, non-rotated LST: Brown water Navy, then Minesweepers in Charleston.)
Left the Navy in '71, thirty-five years as a long haul trucker then the last eight or so as junior management (Executive Director of the coffee mess).