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Deck Apes

Started by Peter R Batt, January 10, 2012, 09:18:31 AM

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Peter R Batt

I came aboard in Bahrain during Iranian hostage crisis and left in yards at Portsmith. What a great time in between. Was part of ships self defense force, great chance to go out and play army man. Had terrorist drill in Chatham England. Shoot first ask questions later. Survival camp out in Tromsoe Norway. Small arms training with real ammo in a volcano in Italy. Marched in 4th of July parade in NYC, band in front of us and one behind us, couldn't here a thing.
2 Stanavforlant cruises back to back. Visited every brewery and winery we stopped at. Great parties on the German and Canadien ships.
Spent my 21st birthday in the brig in Scotland. Some thing about a fight at a bar. 1st Div. was good at underway ops but was way better at tearing up a bar.