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Everything About Avatars, Signatures and Images

Started by CaptainKirk, August 17, 2008, 10:54:53 AM

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Well, it may not be "everything," but hopefully it will fill in some blanks.


The easiest way to obtain an avatar is to go into your profile by selecting the button on the menu, then  on the left side of the page, under Modify Profile, select Forum Profile Information.  This results in a modifiable profile page for you (http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk288/CaptainKirk_2008/Profile-1.png).

For your avatar you can:
    1) select Personalized Picture and then select one of the avatars from the list on the right,
    2) select I have my own pic and then put in the URL address, or
    3) select I will upload my own picture then select the Browse button and find a picture on
        your PC that you would like to upload (which is what I did).  Voila!  You now have your avatar!

*Avatars have to be either in JPG or GIF format and have a size less than 80x80 pixels and 6 KB's.


Find or create a picture and either host it or directly link the URL to your signature box in your profile.

If you find a picture you like, here are the steps to include it in your post:

    1) Right click on the picture.
    2) Go to "Properties".
    3) Highlight the entire URL (make sure you get it all).
    4) Right click again and choose "Copy".
    5) Go to the signature box in your profile  (http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk288/CaptainKirk_2008/Profile-2.png).
    6) "Paste" that URL that you had copied and put it between these tags: "img" tags.  There cannot be
        any spaces between the tags and the URL.

Also, make sure your signature is turned on in your profile:

    1) Go into your Profile
    2) Select Look and Layout Preferences
    3) Make sure it says "Yes"

Signature dimensions cannot exceed 400 x 150 pixels and 20,000 bytes.  You will notified if your signature is too big.


To include images in your posts, follow the same principles as the signature.

Find an image you want to put in your post.  Do the same steps as the signature, copy the URL and such, then click this button which above the composition box.  Then past the URL in the box.

***Note, some pics do not post to other sites for some reason. The best way to find out is after you compose your message with the pic, instead of clicking "Submit" click "Preview". If it does not show up, scrap it.

I hope this helps some of you out. PM me if you have any questions.