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Just wanted to introduce myself. I was an IC3 aboard the BIDDLE. We were at rellief angorage in Malta when President Kennedy was assasinated. After returning from our Med cruise the Biddle was decomissioned and recomissioned the Claude V Ricketts. I remained on board during the crew transition. I was then transferred to the USS Dalhgren DLG-12 and made another med cruise. In Jan 1965 I was discharged and returned home. After a year I decided I missed the Navy and joined the Navy Reserves as a CB. I remained in the the reserves until I retired in 1993 as an EOC(SCW). I lived in Louisville, Ky until 1991 then moved to West Palm Beach, Fl. In 2002 I moved to Ecuador, South America with my wife Vicky. We remained there until Jan 2009 when we moved back to the States. We now live in St. Augustine Florida.

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welcome home Re;
I hope to meet you at the reunion
in April
on board 81--85
living in southern Va on the farm I bought after Beiruit.
I go camping or motorhome traveling.