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Started by CaptainKirk, July 24, 2008, 06:28:08 AM

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Welcome to The Big Nickel Forums.  Here you can join the community of the crew members of the Claude V. Ricketts/USS Biddle, DDG-5, affectionately known to those of us that served aboard her as The Big Nickel.  Here crew members can reminisce about their experiences while aboard, find crew mates, post information about reunions and get-togethers, and a host of other topics.  I've tried to include a  little something for everybody here.  If there is something that you think is missing, let me know and I'll be sure to include it.

Please take the time to read the Forum Rules in the link below.  This will help alleviate any problems you may encounter and make your time at The Big Nickel more enjoyable.




Posting of links to other sites is not allowed unless that site deals with references to the Claude V. Ricketts.  Posts with advertisement sites are strictly forbidden and will be removed when found and the poster warned.  Continued posts containing SPAM will result in keel hauling and then walking the plank (banishment).  If you have a link you would like to post and are not sure if it fits the criteria, contact the Administrator for guidance and/or authorization.


Please keep posts in the proper forum.  The forum descriptions can be found on the Forum Index page.  Hopefully the descriptions will point you to the right forum for your post.  If the Administrator or Moderator find that you have posted an off topic post, it will be moved to the appropriate board.

Look for an existing thread on a topic prior to starting a new one.  If you start a new thread and the Administrator or Moderator find that it is a duplicate, it will be moved to the first posted thread.  Use the Search function if you're in doubt about a duplicate thread.


Attacks of any sort on other members of The Big Nickel will not be tolerated.  If you are offended by another poster's comments, please contact the Administrator as soon as possible explaining what happened.  If you have a problem with a member of a post, please click the Report to moderator link in the lower, right of the post.  We will investigate and get back to you.

Want a slick avatar or sig but don't know how to set it up?  Well so would I  ;)  I have included some information in the thread, Everything About Signatures, Avatars, and Pictures will hopefully explain it.

We want to get to know you so please go to The Quarter Deck and and start a new topic to tell us a little about yourself.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.